Increase productivity and save money with proper training
These valuable training tools teach appropriate
cleaning procedures for all types of facilities.

Who Can Use This Program?
  • In-house custodial/housekeeping departments
  • Educational Institutions
  • Building service contractors
  • Community colleges
  • Vocational schools
  • Correctional facilities
  • Organizations that provide job training
  • Cleaning equipment and supply distributors who wish to provide value-added training to end-user
  • Individuals who wish to continue their professional education

Trainer Manuals

These step-by-step trainer manuals provide instructors with everything they need to teach the Custodial Technician Training Program to in-house staff, building service contractor employees or in a vocational or community college setting. The most thorough trainer’s manuals for professional cleaners, they are designed for use in conjunction with Custodial Technician Training Modules and include:

  • One set of corresponding Custodial Technician Handbook Modules
  • Lecture topics
  • Visual teaching aids
  • Curriculum guidelines
  • Learning objectives
  • Pre-term exams for review prior to taking the Custodial Technician Final Exams
  • Chapter reviews
  • Student activities

$999 per person (includes materials and testing)
Register by November 10, 2006 and save $150
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Course will be at Holiday Inn at Newark International Airport
160 Frontage Road,
Newark, NJ 07114
For hotel reservations:
Book Online or Call 1 888 HOLIDAY (888 465 4329)

Contact Jim Hacknauer at 518-783-1281 ext. 3139 with questions.

Did you know...

98% of front line cleaners perform tasks differently?

Labor accounts for 93% of cost?

  95% of front line cleaners cannot describe what they are supposed to be doing?

New tools and products can reduce your cleaning time by 50%?

In-depth Q&A session will provide helpful ideas and advice
regarding your specific product and employee requirements

Terrence Donahue
North American Training Manager, JohnsonDiversey Performance Solutions

Ian West
Director North America, Floorcare & Global Floor Care Center of Excellence,
JohnsonDiversey Technology Solutions

Jim Boutilier
Senior Vice President, Marquise Facilities Corp.

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Presented by
Cleaning Management Institute

Team Cleaning®

Team Cleaning® is a system comprised of four types of specialists concentrating on defined tasks such as light duty and trash, vacuuming, restrooms, and utility work. The advantages over zone cleaning are monumental.

  • Higher quality of cleaning performed in less time
  • Easier job training, supervision, and absentee replacement
  • Much less equipment is needed
  • Up to 30% increased in worker productivity
  • Up to 50% reduction in labor, energy and equipment costs
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Increased level of sanitation
  • Higher employee morale and accountability
  • Decreased employee turnover, absenteeism and injuries
  • Simplified training

Presented by Jim Harris, Sr.
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Course will include:

  • Critical Industry Issues
  • Workloading Process for Staffing
  • Team Cleaning® Concept & System
  • High Performance Cleaning
  • Utilizing Team Specialists
  • Master Schedule & Job Cards
  • Quality Inspection Process
  • Set Up of Pilot/Model
  • Understanding Industry Production Rates
  • Hands-on Workloading Utilizing Actual, Provided Floor Plans
  • Design Implementation Plan, Transition Team

Understanding the Green Cleaning movement will also be a feature of the courses and cover the following issues:

  • What is Green cleaning?
  • How will it impact the industry?
  • What does the future hold for Green products and services?


Presenter: Jim Harris, Sr. CBSE, CEO,Concepts IV, Albany, NY

Jim Harris, Sr. consultant, trainer, corporate executive, businessman and entrepreneur. Jim’s accomplishments include: Formed Concepts IV, an international consulting group specializing in Team Cleaning and computer management systems, Founded Janitronics, a large, well-diversified property service firm Served as director, officer and president of the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) Co-founded The Maids International, with 247 locations nationally and internationally.

Paul Anderson, environmental services manager at West Park Hospital, Cody WY, implemented Team Cleaning in facilities encompassing 265,000 square feet, including a cancer center, urgent care clinic, 20-bed chemical dependency unit, and a 130-bed nursing home. Anderson trained the 25-person environmental services staff as specialists in disinfecting and spot cleaning/dusting functions, vacuuming, restrooms, and floor care.

"We are cleaning about 15-20 percent faster using a Team Cleaning approach, and at a higher quality level," said Anderson.

Interdependence and accountability of team specialists produced more efficient, thorough and coordinated cleaning, and enabled proactive scheduling of detail cleaning at proper intervals.


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